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Website start date July 2006

This is a personal website created to gather together as much information as possible about the Rhesus negative blood group. 

I have no background in medicine, or, in science and do wish any of this information to be taken as fact, without it being checked thoroughly by the reader.  I will be quoting the source of my information with links through to the websites and books from which the information is gathered. 

I have not ruled any information in, or out, because of its content.  This means that some of the articles listed may be a little hard to accept because of their 'imaginative' content.  Nevertheless, lets leave a completely open mind and and just enjoy the stories and the speculation. 

Websites about rhesus negatives have been produced before and in this sense this one is not new.  What I haven't seen before is information about identifying trends and traits.  In other words, can you spot a Rh- by personal contact or by their behaviour, and if so, why, and for what purpose?  I will be showing images of both Rh+ and Rh- people later in the website development.  Try and see if you can identify which is which?

  Note from the Author

My name is Alan and I have a long interest (obsession) in the Rh- factor brought about by observations pointed out to me by an old Rh- friend Ray Wilde, who is sadly died in 1995.  This website is a tribute to his stories, theories, and developments thereafter.  I will be pleased to publish any theories that others have, even if they are a bit 'off the wall'.  I will also be trying to keep up with scientific discoveries as they come along.  Please alert me if you see them before I do.    By the way, I have no idea what my own blood group is, and will not be finding out until the website is complete in a few years time.  Don't want to prejudice the outcomes!

Was Rhesus Negative produced by a genetic mutation, or, from early visitors to the planet from planet Janos?.  Do we, as Immanuel Velikovsky theorises in his book 'Mankind in Amnesia', have memories of the distant past locked into our inherited subconscious?  or is it mankind just trying to answer imponderable questions?   Lets find out?

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Last edited 05/09/2009