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 http://www.science-frontiers.com/sf085/sf085a02.htm   Europe's mystery people

The Reptilians are tracking those with Rh-Negative Factor Blood. Going back into time....the Rh-Neg Hybrids came from the DRACO Caverns in the Carpathian Mountains. They were mostly RED Haired, with Green Eyes and Black haired, with Brown Eyes. They tried to infiltrate themselves into the Blond/Brown Haired, with Blue Eyes, Civilization. They wanted to Mate with those who were not Rh-Negatives. Most Rh-Negs have a Lower Body temperature and Blood pressure than Rh-Positives. Many Rh-Negs are born with a CAUDA(tail) or an Extra Vertebra (Tail Bone). Rh-Negs are Hybrids. They are Part Reptilian/part human. If two Rh-Negs try to have a baby it will usually die or be born a "BLUE Baby", because it is Not processing oxygen properly. Thus "Blue-Bloods", if they survive. 5% of the Earth's population are currently Rh-Negatives. But, they are 15% of the population of the England and the USA.
 Dr. Luigi Cavalli-Sforza from Stanford University wrote an article entitled "Genes, Peoples and Languages" (Scientific American, Nov.'91). He pointed out the high Rh-negative concentrations among the people of Morocco, the Basque country of Euskadi, Ireland, Scotland and the Norwegian islands.
 The only people among these still to speak their original neolithic language were the Basques...
 From http://www.islandnet.com/~edonon/intro.html
 Also on the Rh-factor map, you will notice that the Icelandic=20 population has a very low incidence of Rh-negative individuals, unlike the rest of Scandinavia.
 From http://www.sfs.nphil.uni-tuebingen.de/linguist/issues/3/3-87.html
 The most distinctive members of the European branch of the human tree are the Basques of France and Spain. They show unusual patterns for several genes, including the highest rate of the Rh-negative blood type. Their language is of unknown origin and cannot be placed within any standard classification.
 Consider Iceland, 1% of its population is Rh-negative. The population of Iceland is about two-third of Scandinavian and one-third of Irish descent. Scandinavia, Ireland, and the British Isles show from 16% to 25% and above Rh-negative. The other populations with a proportion of Rh-negative individuals similar to Iceland occupy the eastern half of Asia, Madagascar, Australia and New-Zealand.


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